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Kurta Pajama by Patwa and Company

A Brand of Ethnic Apparels

With the rejoice and success of the ethnic wear, Patwa is a result of four decade long austere as well as exquisite fashion and beauty.

It is a repository of traditional men’s wear, which has been successful in gaining adulation of the world. The strength lies in its very own in-house manufacturing with special attention to detail manifest.

Johari Lal Patwa the mastermind behind the birth of this esteemed organization started it in 1972, from a small store in Jaipur. Later on after earning galore of respect and fame, in 1980 he bequeathed the legacy of authenticity to his son Jitendra Patwa, who emerged as a regal in this sphere.

On national and international level this retail plus manufacturing store has earned galore of admiration and respect. Mainly the NRI’s seemed besotted towards the elegant and stylish ethnic men’s wear.

The store revives the look of 50’s accentuated with the aura and sophistication of the ‘Rajput Gharana’ and the royalty of Jaipur Maharaja in vibrant colors.

And now by the end of 2004 Patwa & Company has transformed itself into a sheer manufacturing and retailing.